I Dream of Cookware!

While most women’s eyes may not light up from a gift of cookware – my craving for beautiful kitchen items might be just as bad as my addiction for designer bags. YES you’re in the company of a lady who would not be offended to receive a food processor or silicone spatula. By way of inspiration from wish lists posted by fellow bloggers I’ve compiled my personal list, 20 items long and all are total must haves in my book. So come dream along with me and check out my colorful, affordable and indulgent picks!



1- Le Creuset – Braiser in Fennel


2- Le Creuset – Signature Round Dutch Oven


3- Le Creuset – Stoneware – 12 Piece Bakeware Set


4- Kitchen Aid – Stand Mixer in Boysenberry


5- KitchenAid 13 Cup Food Processor


6- Cucina Recipe Holder


7- Wusthof Gourmet 12 Piece Block Knife Set



8- Mauviel Professional Copper 10 – Piece Cookware Set



9- All Clad 3-Piece Stainless – Steel Strainer Set


10- Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls with Lids


11- All-Clad Ultimate Chicken Roaster


12- Flo Oil & Vinegar Containers


13- Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool


14- Chef’s Mats by Gel Pro – Basket Weave Design


15- Milk Bottle Measuring Cups


16- Book – Joy of Cooking: 75th Anniversary Edition



17- Book – What Chefs Feed Their Kids


 18- A Year of Cookie Cutters


19- Spice Herb Ball


20- 15 Jar Tiered Spice Rack



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  1. With Love ~K · December 20, 2011

    So many great picks on your list. Those cookie cutters from C&B are definitely on my list as well!


  2. Bun · December 20, 2011

    omg that purple mixer is so damn cute.

  3. Daydreamer Design · December 20, 2011

    Nice collection of products! I love that chicken roaster and I really want to get some Le Creuset cookware – love that green. Thanks for sharing!

    • Cookery For Two · December 20, 2011

      Thank you so much – I have a couple of Le Creuset pieces and their awesome – All the pretty colors help so much to love them even more : )

  4. Bunny Eats Design · December 21, 2011

    Happy holidays! I like your list, I don’t know about being affordable though, around here, Le Creuset is the price of nice jewelry. I do love the milk bottle measuring cups though. They wouldn’t be going in cupboard when not in use.

    • Cookery For Two · December 21, 2011

      Thank You! Yes isn’t that measuring cup item so cute – I would probably use it more for a decorative piece. I just love the fun colors on the inside though ; )

  5. Pasta Princess · January 11, 2012

    Great selection … I’d put a lot of that on my list too! It’s funny but I had told my husband I never wanted an appliance for Christmas – well that changed. This year I asked for a cuisinart food processor… and I love it! 🙂

    • Cookery For Two · January 11, 2012

      I got a Kitchen Aid 13 cup from my boyfriend for Christmas and I was so excited when I opened it – I used it for the first time this past week when I made the Creamy Pea soup recipe. Most girls wouldn’t love kitchen stuff for presents but I do and he nicely rounded it out with a 5 hour Spa Day gift too so that works, right? LOL : )

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