Sausage Soup

Cookery for Two is feeling a bit under the weather and as the temperature cool’s down a new pot of soup was the craving last night. Browned sausage crumbles thrown into a chicken stock and tomato broth; add in escarole, cannellini beans and dainty pastina pasta. The melding of textures and flavors left my body warm and relaxed to enjoy the evening and then off to bed early because besides soup nothing beats a cold more than sleep!


Seasonings: Olive Oil, Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder

½ Cup of Red Wine

One Bunch Escarole

½ of One Small Shallot

2 Garlic Cloves

½ a Cup of Pastina Pasta

Two Boxes of Low Sodium Chicken Stock

1 Can of Cannellini Beans (Drained)

1 Package of Sweet Italian Sausage

1 Can of Whole Plum Tomatoes in Sauce


– Chop up the shallot and garlic and let brown in a drizzle of olive oil at the bottom of your soup pot.

– When nicely cooked through add in both boxes of chicken stock and red wine, stir to scrape up any bits at the bottom of the pot.

– Put on low heat while you dice up only about 6 of the tomatoes from the can.

*Note: You will not need all of the tomatoes or the sauce. You can reserve for later in the week to make pasta sauce or such.

– Now add in the diced tomatoes to the pot, stir and season liquid with a pinch of salt, pepper and garlic powder.

– Now take sausage and cut casing and remove the meat from each link.

*Note: Be sure to season the sausage crumbles with salt, pepper and garlic powder.

– Crumble up all your meat into a heated pan with olive oil and brown the sausage.

– Once meat is cooked through add to the liquid in the soup pot.

– After the meat throw in the can of cannellini beans (drained).

– Now higher the heat and bring the soup to a boil and then throw in the pastina to cook.

– Keep stirring so pastina will not stick to the bottom of the pot.

– Once pastina cooked through you can now prepare the escarole.

– Put pot on low heat again.

– Chop the escarole and only use the greenest parts of the leaves.

*Note: I’m not sure about the condition of escarole for others – but every time I buy it they always seem to be very dirty with sand and such. Be sure to clean your chopped leaves very well with cold water till the water run’s clear.

– Once cleaned thoroughly throw the leaves into the soup pot.

– Continue to keep the soup on low and spin periodically for about other 20 or so minutes.

– You can also add seasonings to taste if you feel it needs something more.

Serve & Enjoy!

*I think the most important thing about this soup in particular is the base of chicken stock, the tomatoes, the red wine and seasonings.

*Again as always with soup it’s very versatile so you can incorporate any vegetables you want.

*You can also swap the protein here – try Shrimp even!

*Think different for your starch too – try Arborio rice in soup instead of pasta.



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