Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

Who doesn’t love meatballs and likewise who doesn’t love cheese? Place pieces of fresh mozzarella inside your meatballs and give your guests a little surprise of cheesy goodness. This meal is perfect for when you have another couple coming over, your parents or even the in-laws. This recipe makes plenty more than for two so if you want cut the recipe in half, savor in leftovers during the week or share with some office friends at lunchtime either option is sure to please!

Chunky Sauce Ingredients: 4 Garlic Cloves Minced, Handful of Chopped Basil, Can Tomato Paste, (2) Can’s Whole Plum Tomatoes in Sauce, 1/2 Cup Red Wine, Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder, Red Pepper Flakes, Olive Oil

Directions for Chunky Sauce:

– Heat olive oil in pan.

– Sauté garlic & basil till cooked through.

– While the above is sautéing remove the whole tomatoes from the sauce and chop up into chunky pieces.

– Place tomatoes and sauce into the pan.

– Add tomato paste & red wine.

– Let simmer for a minute or so while spinning.

– Then add in a sprinkle of salt, black pepper, garlic powder and pepper flakes.

– Cover pot and place on low heat while you prepare the meatballs.

*You must check the sauce and stir occasionally.

Meatball Ingredients:

Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic Powder,

(15) Small Mozzarella Balls 

(1) Package of Lean Ground Beef

*1 to 1.5 Pounds of Beef makes about 25 or so meatballs.

(2) Eggs

(2) Tablespoons for Italian Bread Crumbs

(4) Tablespoons of Fresh Bread Crumbs

*I used the insides off the end of a day old whole wheat Italian bread loaf.

(3) Tablespoons of Low Fat Milk

Directions for Meatballs

– Cut the mozzarella balls in half as prep before mixing the meat together and put on plate off to the side.

– In a dish by hand pull the insides of the fresh bread out and crumble the bread as shown in the photo.

– You will then need to soften the bread crumbs with the milk.

– Mash the crumbs with the milk till all is melded together.

– Place the meat in the dish and top with a couple of sprinkles of all the seasonings.

– Next crack both eggs up top and throw the bread crumbs in too.

– Mix all together and add in again more sprinkles of the seasonings.

– Once mixed together take a golf ball sized portion and place it in your palm.

– Make a dip in the portion by pressing your fingers into the middle.

– Place a piece of one mozzarella half into the dip and then close up with meat around the mozzarella.

– Gently in circular motions round out the meatball in between your hands.

– The meatballs should be the size of golf balls – place them on a plate as you continue making them.

Directions Cooking the Meatballs: 

*Have your pasta water heating up to a boil before you put meatballs in the sauce.

– Place the meatballs in the sauce as shown.

– Put on medium heat.

– Sprinkle one more dash of seasonings and a splash of olive oil on top of the meatballs in the sauce.

– Then cover and let simmer for about 10 minutes.

– Bottoms should now be cooked and you should be able to turn the meatballs over in the sauce.

– Again let the meatballs simmer for another 10 minutes and turn.

*Don’t be discouraged if you see the cheese melting out of some of the meatballs.

*Your pasta water should be boiling at this point – Butta La Pasta! (Or throw the pasta!) 

– Keep the meatballs simmering in sauce until pasta is cooked through then turn off the sauce.

Putting the Dish Together: 

– Place some of the meatballs and sauce at the bottom of your serving bowl.

– Drain the pasta and throw into the serving bowl.

– Place the sauce and meatballs over the pasta and toss till everything is coated.

Serve & Enjoy! 

*Note you can always swap out the ground beef for ground turkey and change up the cheese for Parmesan or Asiago.

*If you don’t feel like pasta – throw the meatballs onto some toasted Italian bread for a meatball sub – sprinkle some grated parmesan on top before serving. 

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